In response to the ongoing difficulties faced by numerous Nigerians, Women in Management, Business, and Public Service (WIMBIZ) has urged women to take charge of their own empowerment for self-reliance by seizing available opportunities rather than waiting for uncertain prospects.

Speaking at the WIMBIZ International Women’s Day program, Executive Director Hansatu Adegbite emphasized the importance of harnessing the unique qualities of women, including their empathy and dedication to nation-building, to steer Nigeria towards economic prosperity. Adegbite pointed out that Nigeria has struggled with poverty under predominantly male leadership since gaining independence.

In light of the current challenges, Adegbite encouraged individuals to capitalize on opportunities amid adversity, emphasizing grassroots initiatives and self-reliance. She highlighted recent reports from the National Bureau of Statistics, revealing that a staggering 65% of Nigerians are classified as multidimensionally poor, with approximately 133 million individuals affected. Adegbite emphasized that this statistic disproportionately impacts women, emphasizing the urgent need for gender-specific strategies to alleviate poverty.

On International Women’s Day on March 8, 2024, Adegbite underscored the theme of “Inspire Inclusion” as a driving force behind women’s empowerment and national development. With a steadfast commitment to promoting gender equality for over two decades, she asserted that women’s representation in leadership positions is not only about parity but also serves as a fundamental catalyst for socio-economic advancement.

Adegbite emphasized that International Women’s Day serves as a moment to reflect on progress in human rights and gender equality policies, while also envisioning a brighter future for future generations. She emphasized that March 8th is designated as a global celebration of women, with a commitment to enhancing the success of female entrepreneurs and increasing women’s representation in leadership roles across corporate and public sectors.

Through amplifying the voices and contributions of women, WIMBIZ envisions a future where gender parity serves as a cornerstone of Nigeria’s developmental trajectory, Adegbite concluded. As Nigeria grapples with the imperative to uplift its most vulnerable populations, WIMBIZ’s advocacy for women’s leadership emerges as a beacon of optimism, offering a pathway towards a more equitable and prosperous society.

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