The Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC) is preparing to resume a nationwide strike on Tuesday, June 11, 2024, in protest against the federal government’s proposed minimum wage increase. The government’s offer of either N62,000 or N100,000 has been deemed insufficient by the NLC, which is demanding a minimum wage of N250,000. Chris Onyeka, the NLC’s assistant general secretary, criticized the government’s proposals as inadequate for meeting the rising cost of living, branding them as “starvation wages.” The NLC has issued a deadline for the government to meet their demands by midnight on June 11, failing which the strike will commence.

The union’s decision to resume the strike follows a recent relaxation of an earlier indefinite strike. Onyeka explained that the NLC had temporarily paused their action to allow the government time to present a reasonable offer. However, with the deadline approaching and no satisfactory response from the government, the NLC and the Trade Union Congress are gearing up to reconvene and decide on the next steps. This potential industrial action highlights the union’s determination to secure fair and livable wages for Nigerian workers amid escalating living expenses.

The proposed strike underscores the ongoing tensions between the labour unions and the government, reflecting broader concerns about economic policies and worker welfare in Nigeria. The NLC’s stance is clear: they will not settle for less than what they consider a fair wage, emphasizing the urgency of addressing the economic hardships faced by workers across the nation.

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