Nuellah Olawepo, a certified real estate consultant and the head of Sales The Views Limited, has shed light on the potential dangers of residing in close proximity to Dangote’s Refinery. The refinery, touted as Africa’s largest and the world’s third-largest, has the capacity to employ thousands and process a staggering 650,000 barrels of oil daily. However, Nuellah warns about the potential health hazards linked to living near the facility.

Research indicates that individuals residing near such refineries face heightened risks of developing life-threatening illnesses, such as heart and lung cancer, as well as asthma. The increased emission of pollutants into the air during oil processing contributes to this alarming health risk. Nuellah advises investors to consider maintaining a safe distance from the refinery to minimize potential health dangers.

Moreover, Nuellah outlines their vision for The Views Limited, underscoring a commitment to assisting Nigerians in building, sustaining, and multiplying their wealth through real estate investments. She highlights the concept of “living off the refinery,” which involves capitalizing on the opportunities surrounding the refinery while ensuring a safe distance from its emissions.

The differentiating factor of Nuellah’s company, The Views Limited, lies in its emphasis on helping clients multiply wealth through real estate, particularly through landbanking. She stresses the significance of strategic land location, reliable documentation, and the presence of landmarks in property investments.

Despite the competitive nature of the real estate market, Nuellah’s firm distinguishes itself by prioritizing a robust online and offline presence, targeted marketing, and exceptional customer service. She underscores their commitment to promptly addressing customer inquiries, maintaining transparent communication, and instantly allocating properties.

In response to the challenges posed by Nigeria’s uncertain economic climate and the influence of COVID-19, Nuellah highlights the industry’s resilience and adaptability. She also delves into the trend of transforming waterlogged areas into artificial lakes, a trend shaping the future of the sector.

For aspiring entrepreneurs, Nuellah offers advice: provide value, embrace competition, and focus on making a positive impact on lives. She perceives success as a journey of growth and impact, with her ultimate goal being to mentor and elevate emerging players in the real estate industry.

The Chaviva Villa in Ibeju-Lekki, near Dangote’s Refinery ticks the “3 Real Estate Ls”: First, prime location immediately behind Eleganza, opposite Pan-Atlantic University, beside Microsoft Villa, and facing 6-lane road construction. Second, 100% dry land under Iberekodo Scheme. Third, secured land title with Govt Allocation and C of O. Versatile for residential and commercial use. Surprisingly, Chaviva Villa offers prelaunch rates: 300SQM at N10M, 500SQM at N15M. Limited plots available at this exclusive price.

Our unbeatable offer for Yadah City Magboro will help you own a plot of land for just N2.5M, including waived developmental, documentation, and allocation fees (usually N1.5M). While competitors charge N3M to N5M for land, our deal stands out. Smart investors are seizing this opportunity in a competitive market for potential land banking. Yadah City is strategically located, 10 minutes from key destinations like the Mountain of Fire Ministries, hi-impact amusement park, and mountain top university. It’s also 5 minutes from the Suncity Resort and 7 minutes from Wise Buyer Shopping Mall. The land features 100% dried topography with a registered survey title.

To connect with Nuellah Olawepo for inquiries or questions, interested individuals can reach out through her social media platforms, email, or phone number, all of which are available on The Views Limited website.

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