The Nigerian Society of Engineers, NSE has tasked the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission to impose hefty sanctions on Electricity Distribution Companies failing to honour service delivery agreements.

NSE President, Mrs Margaret Oguntala, disclosed this on Monday in a briefing where she reacted to the recent electricity tariff hike.

Recall that NERC approved a 240 per cent hike in electricity tariff last Tuesday for customers under Band A, getting 20 hours of power supply.

The tariff increase had created an uproar among Nigerians.

However, Oguntala noted that NSE was not against the hike but insisted that electricity customers be protected and their needs met without being short-changed.

“Policies are made but what is the framework for implementing these policies? How effective are they in the long run?

“If there are no sanctions for the DisCos and you claim to be giving someone in B and A 20 hours of supply, but you are not doing so, what happens?

“We are saying that there must be sanctions for defaults. Do you do that? Where there are shortfalls?

“The DisCos must be held responsible, meaning the metering must be very transparent.

We have asked what will happen during downtime when there are repairs; all these must be considered for the policy to work.”

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