In a bid to transform Nigeria’s political landscape, thirty-five members of the House of Representatives have put forth a constitutional amendment advocating for a single six-year term for the president and governors. The proposed amendment also calls for rotating the presidency among the country’s six geopolitical zones. Spearheading this initiative, Ikenga Ugochinyere, representing Ideato South/Ideato North, emphasized that the change aims to streamline governance, cut down election costs, and foster national unity. The proposal is seen as a strategic move to enhance stability and reduce the financial burden of frequent elections and transitions.

The lawmakers believe that these changes will lead to a more efficient government, ensuring that leaders can focus on long-term projects without the distraction of re-election campaigns. By implementing a zonal rotation of the presidency, the amendment seeks to address regional disparities and promote inclusivity, ensuring that all parts of Nigeria have a chance to be represented at the highest level of government.

Critics and supporters alike are keenly watching the progress of this proposal, which promises to reshape the future of Nigerian politics if passed.

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