REDTV, the Lifestyle and Entertainment channel of the United Bank for Africa (UBA), has unveiled the highly-anticipated second season of its popular show, ‘When Are We Getting Married’.

Known for its captivating blend of romance, humor, and realistic portrayal of relationship dynamics, the series promises viewers an even more engaging and thrilling experience in its latest installment.

Having delivered top hits such as ‘Unintentional’, ‘Mighty’, ‘The Men’s Club’ Season 1-3, and other crowd favorites like ‘Our Best Friend’s Wedding’, ‘Inspector K’, ‘Assistant Madams’, ‘RedHot Topics’, and ‘Hotel Boutique’, REDTV, an award-winning lifestyle channel, remains dedicated to nurturing talent and creativity across the continent.

Bola Atta, the Executive Producer of REDTV, underscored the channel’s commitment to fostering creativity and empowering youth. She expressed excitement about the new season, highlighting the show’s ability to resonate with audiences and promising more compelling content that delves into the intricacies of love and relationships.

Alero Ladipo, Group Head of Marketing and Corporate Communication at UBA, reiterated the bank’s support for entertainment and lifestyle channels. She emphasized UBA’s dedication to nurturing creative initiatives that connect with its diverse audience, providing entertainment for both viewers and customers alike.

Ladipo highlighted REDTV’s track record of delivering engaging lifestyle content and expressed enthusiasm for the positive impact of the bank’s support on the channel’s growth. She anticipated more exciting projects that would captivate audiences worldwide.

As REDTV continues to push the boundaries of entertainment, ‘When Are We Getting Married?’ emerges as a must-watch series for those seeking quality content reflecting the vibrancy of modern relationships.

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