On Thursday, poultry farmers in the Southwest region of Nigeria implored the Federal Government and the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) to rescue their industry from ruin.

They lamented the Federal Government’s naira redesign policy has brought untold hardship on them and their investments across the nation, particularly in the Southwest.

Speaking in Ibadan at a briefing, the Southwest chairman of Nigeria Poultry Association, Rev. Gideon Oluleye, said though they are not against the policy, its timing and implementation have devastated their business.According to him, losses incurred by farmers are heavy because many farms have already collapsed with others running at half capacity while many will soon close down if the government fails to intervene.

Oluleye said to save the poultry subsector of the economy which generates about six percent of the GDP from total collapse, the Federal Government with CBN and other agencies of government must intervene.

“Mop up about 15 – 20 million crates of eggs and chicken unsold in the economy right now to ameliorate the losses of the farmers. These products should be used in feeding the people in IDPs camps and all our correctional centres all over the country. Some could also be used in government hospitals where meals are served as egg helps in quick recovery and in building up the immunity of sick patients.”“We also want the Federal Government as a matter of urgency to resuscitate the school feeding programme as eggs and chicken meat forms the major component of the programme. This will go a long way in absolving some of the eggs and chicken meat from the farmers.

“We are also pleading with the Federal, States and the Central Bank of Nigeria to intervene now in subsidizing major imputes particularly maize and soya much more than they have been doing before. This will also help in ameliorating the negative impact of the naira redesign policy of the government on the farmers.”

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