In a startling revelation, a panel investigating financial practices at Taraba State University has unearthed irregularities totaling N3.5 billion in the institution’s accounts. The findings, disclosed by the panel’s spokesperson, shed light on systemic financial mismanagement within the university.

The investigation, initiated following reports of financial discrepancies, delved into the university’s financial records over the past five years. What the panel uncovered was a web of irregularities ranging from unapproved expenditures to fraudulent transactions.

According to the spokesperson, the irregularities include inflated procurement costs, unauthorized payments to ghost contractors, and dubious transfers to personal accounts. The panel’s preliminary findings suggest a pattern of corruption and financial malfeasance that has significantly undermined the institution’s fiscal integrity.

The discovery has sparked outrage among stakeholders, including students, faculty members, and the general public, who have long raised concerns about the university’s financial transparency and accountability. Calls for swift and decisive action to hold those responsible accountable are growing louder.

In response to the revelations, the university administration has pledged full cooperation with the investigative panel and vowed to take corrective measures to address the financial irregularities. The administration also assured stakeholders of its commitment to transparency and accountability in managing the institution’s finances moving forward.

Meanwhile, the Taraba State government has promised to support the panel’s efforts and ensure that those found culpable face the full weight of the law. The government emphasized its zero-tolerance stance on corruption and reiterated its commitment to safeguarding public funds and promoting good governance.

As the investigation unfolds, the spotlight remains firmly on Taraba State University, with stakeholders eagerly awaiting the panel’s final report and recommendations. The outcome of the investigation is poised to have far-reaching implications for the university’s reputation and the broader fight against corruption in the education sector.

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