In a concerted effort to promote financial inclusion across Nigerian communities, PalmPay, the prominent banking app, has announced a three-month period of unlimited free transfers to all banks for its customers.

The initiative, revealed in a statement on Friday, aims to empower PalmPay users by allowing them to conduct transactions without the burden of bank charges. Chika Nwosu, the Managing Director of PalmPay, emphasized that this update underscores the company’s dedication to providing accessible and affordable financial services.

“We are excited to introduce unlimited free transfers to our users. This aligns with our mission to provide inclusive financial services that meet the needs of our diverse user base. We believe that everyone should have access to affordable financial services, and this update is a significant step towards that goal,” stated Nwosu.

PalmPay, an Africa-focused fintech platform, is committed to driving economic empowerment in Africa by offering top-tier products such as money transfers, bill payments, credit services, and savings on its app and mobile money agents. Users of PalmPay can seamlessly send and receive money, pay bills effortlessly, shop with ease, and earn discounts and cashback during transactions.

With the removal of transfer fees to all banks on its app, PalmPay aims to empower its extensive customer base to enjoy uninterrupted fund transfers, seamlessly settle bills, and manage their finances more effectively. This move is anticipated to contribute significantly to fostering financial inclusivity across diverse user demographics.

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