The talented Nigerian striker, Gift Orban, would like to express his remorse over the recent misrepresentation of his views on Arsenal Football Club, and offer his sincere apologies to the Arsenal fans. Orban wants to clarify that the statement attributed to him does not accurately reflect his words or opinions, and he deeply regrets any confusion caused by this false representation.

The words of Orban have been distorted and taken out of context in reports across various media outlets, according to an exclusive phone conversation between the Genk forward (with 19 goals in 19 games) and Sabistation Media’s journalist/publicist Ediale Kingsley.

Orban recognizes Arsenal’s stellar reputation and achievements in English football, stating that he has the utmost respect for the club and would never disparage or criticize it in any way.

Orban’s views have been distorted by an untruthful statement that does not represent his true beliefs, which include a recognition of Arsenal’s capability to compete and win titles, despite recent setbacks, and a reverence for the team’s supporters.

Orban apologizes to Arsenal fans who may have been hurt or let down by the false statement and hopes that this clarification will demonstrate his respect and appreciation for the club and its supporters.

As he focuses on achieving his goals with Gent, Orban looks forward to the prospect of playing against Arsenal and experiencing their unmatched passion and intensity on the field.

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