It is with great pleasure and excitement that we make a significant announcement. GivingTuesday Spark, a global movement dedicated to inspiring and sparking ideas and generosity to the younger ones, has appointed a remarkable individual as the Country Leader for Nigeria. We congratulate Mr. Husayn Zaguru (Hussain Zaguru AbdulQadir) on his prestigious appointment!

This appointment was made possible the selection committee members; Dante Plush – Youth Engagement Lead – GivingTuesday Inc and Madelaine Diaz, Global Communities & Coalitions Manager, GivingTuesday Inc and with the approval and endorsement of the Asha Curan, CEO of GivingTuesday Inc.

Husayn Zaguru, officially Hussain Zaguru AbdulQadir is an exceptional leader with a deep commitment to social change and making a positive impact in the lives of others. His extensive experience in the nonprofit sector, coupled with his unwavering passion for community development and the younger generation, makes him an ideal choice to spearhead GivingTuesday Spark’s efforts in Nigeria.

Over the years, Husayn has demonstrated an outstanding ability to mobilize communities, rally support, and foster collaboration among diverse stakeholders. His visionary approach to addressing societal challenges has garnered recognition both locally and internationally. Through his various initiatives, artistic skills, and generosity, Husayn has created platforms for empowering children and youth (SOUNDART ON THE SPOT), promoting artistic and creative skills, as well as inculcating the culture of giving back to the community.

As the GivingTuesday Spark Country Leader for Nigeria, Husayn Zaguru will play a pivotal role in driving generosity efforts and sparking the spirit of generosity throughout the youth and children of Nigeria. His leadership will be instrumental in expanding the impact of GivingTuesday Spark and nurturing a culture of giving and sparking generosity ideas in Nigeria.

We at Zaguruville Empire, are confident that under Husayn’s guidance, GivingTuesday Spark in Nigeria will reach new heights. His strategic vision, combined with his ability to inspire and engage others, will enable the movement to make a profound difference in the lives of countless children and youth across the country.

It is a great honor for Husayn to join the esteemed ranks of GivingTuesday Spark leaders around the world. We have no doubt that he will excel in this role and inspire others to embrace the power of giving.
Husayn Zaguru has this to say,

“I am much grateful to GivingTuesday Spark for been a beacon of hope, uniting young people and organizations around the world to create and spark positive change. I am thrilled to be part of this global movement and contribute to its mission of inspiring and sparking generosity amongst the younger generation.”

He also stated how the journey started way back in 2022…

“This journey started with a debut 3-Days Workshop I and some amazing individuals hosted in August 2022, THE BOUNDARY STITCHER-THEMED: “USING ART TO STITCH BOUNDARIES”. Thank you Tersoo Te’so’g Gundu for the unflinching support so far. I want to appreciate all those who participated in that Maiden workshop, Salim Yunusa , Aminu S Muhammad, Richard Ali, Namse Peter Udosen, Princess Miracle Benardine Attah, Osinayah Happyprince Agu, Star Zahra, Dr. Ola Ifatimehin, Henry P. Lodam, Su’eddie Vershima Agema, KenAdele Marvellous Oruchi, Paul liam, Sebastian Loerscher (Germany), Michal Musialowski (Germany), Gogo Jam, Seaman Thomas-Jeffery,

-Sevhage Books
-Poetic Wednesdays Initiative
-Poetry In Schools
-Engaging Borders
-Tanar Educational consulting”

Afterward, I was selected amongst thousands of applicants to make the GivingTuesday’s 50 Starling Collective Fellows. I was the only NIGERIAN out of the 50 Cohorts! At the end of the fellowship, I was slated and shortlisted for the Starling Excellence Award (Only 9 were selected for this award, pending). I presented my project: THE GIVING SPARK CLUBS. Giving Spark Clubs”

On the other note, he was previously appointed as the Abuja-FCT Chapter leader for GivingTuesday Nigeria by Barr Folakemi Adesina, the County Leader for GivingTuesday Nigeria some months back. He will step down as the Abuja Chapter Team Lead henceforth.

In his own words, he stated,

“As the GivingTuesday Spark Country Leader for Nigeria, I am committed to amplifying the voices of the children and youth, inspiring and sparking generosity at all levels, and fostering a culture of giving. I believe that every YOUTH has the power to make a difference, and together, we can create a ripple effect of positive change that reaches every corner of our great nation.

Thank you Catherine, GivingTuesday Director of the African Hub and GivingTuesday Communication Consultant, Bidemi Adedire for all the support.

I also want to thank the CEO of GivingTuesday Inc, Asha Curran for the endorsement and approval. Together We Give!

Together we Spark!”

Signed by
Zaguruville Empire Concepts Ltd

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