The Nigeria Sovereign Investment Authority (NSIA) has reported impressive results for 2022, generating over 245,000 direct and 315,300 indirect jobs, and achieving a 10.5% growth in assets. Despite facing economic challenges such as the COVID-19 pandemic and supply-chain disruptions, NSIA’s diversified portfolio demonstrated resilience, with total assets growing to N1.02 trillion and non-volatile revenue increasing by 34.5% year-on-year. NSIA’s strategic focus on sectors such as agriculture, motorways, power, healthcare, and gas industrialization, as well as its expansion into climate finance, renewable energy, innovation, and technology, have contributed to its success.

NSIA’s notable achievements in 2022 included the successful delivery of key projects in the agriculture sector, such as the Presidential Fertilizer Initiative and the establishment of the Pandagric Novum farm. These initiatives demonstrate NSIA’s active participation in driving growth across critical sectors of the economy and implementing specialized Federal Government initiatives. Moving forward, NSIA remains committed to maintaining transparency, governance, and performance, and aims to increase investments in priority sectors, attract third-party capital, and continue exploring opportunities to achieve its investment objectives.

In conclusion, NSIA’s 2022 performance report showcases its resilience and success in generating jobs, achieving asset growth, and delivering key projects in strategic sectors. With a diversified assets strategy, commitment to responsible investing, and focus on priority sectors, NSIA is positioned as a leading state-owned fund in Nigeria, contributing to the country’s economic growth and development.

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