Dr. Mustapha Abdullahi, the Director General/CEO of the Energy Commission of Nigeria (ECN), has highlighted that Nigeria needs approximately $4 billion to achieve the federal government’s renewable energy goals by 2050. The announcement was made during a media briefing in Abuja on Friday, where Dr. Abdullahi underscored the significance of clean and renewable energy as well as energy efficiency in Nigeria.

Addressing reporters, he emphasized the country’s commitment to diversifying from fossil fuels to greener energy sources. Dr. Abdullahi noted that attracting investments in renewable energy is crucial for achieving the goal of going green by 2050. He revealed ongoing discussions with investors to secure the required funds and stressed the importance of creating a business-friendly environment through policies to encourage investment in renewable energy.

The ECN chief expressed the commission’s dedication to driving positive change in the nation’s energy landscape and promoting sustainable energy practices for a cleaner and greener future. Nigeria, with its abundant and diverse energy resources, has a unique opportunity to lead the transition towards clean and renewable energy solutions.

Dr. Abdullahi outlined the objectives of the media promotion and sensitization campaign conducted by ECN in collaboration with Green Sea Energy Limited. These objectives include raising awareness about the benefits of clean and renewable energy, promoting energy efficiency measures to reduce consumption and minimize environmental impact, and encouraging investment in renewable energy projects to diversify the energy mix and foster sustainable development.

Campaign strategies involve community outreach programs, collaboration with media partners to disseminate informative content, and engaging with communities and local authorities to implement practical solutions for clean energy adoption. The ECN anticipates increased awareness and knowledge of clean energy technologies, enhanced public support for clean energy initiatives, strengthened partnerships, and accelerated investment in renewable energy projects for a sustainable and environmentally friendly energy landscape in Nigeria.

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