The Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) has issued a stern warning to domestic airline operators, expressing deep concern over the growing number of delays, flight disruptions, and sudden schedule changes without adequate notice to passengers.

Capt. Chris Najomo, the Acting Director-General of the NCAA, conveyed his displeasure, labeling the current state of affairs as unacceptable. In a statement released by NCAA spokesperson Michael Achimugu, Najomo emphasized that there would be no more leniency, and errant airlines would face appropriate sanctions without bias. The regulatory authority has intensified surveillance efforts to ensure strict compliance and identify violators.

Najomo underscored the importance of airlines aligning their flight schedules with the number of serviceable aircraft at their disposal. He specifically mentioned airports with sunset operations, urging airlines to schedule flights early in the day to minimize cancellations due to airport closures at sunset.

The NCAA, under Najomo’s leadership, is determined to hold airlines accountable for fulfilling their obligations to passengers, warning of consequences for non-compliance. He stressed that airlines must treat individuals with reduced mobility with dignity, without discrimination. The spokesperson reiterated that according to Nigeria Civil Aviation Regulations Part 19, airlines are obligated to provide facilities for the movement of persons with reduced mobility. Additionally, airlines must include a mandatory field for special needs assistance on their ticket portals and actively inquire about passengers’ assistance requirements during ticket purchases.

Capt. Najomo reaffirmed the necessity for airlines to enhance their services, aligning with the aviation minister’s, Festus Keyamo, commitment to enforcing a comprehensive five-point agenda mandated by the president.

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