The Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) has taken a significant stride towards advancing the nation’s aviation sector by signing the Civil Aviation Masterplan (CAMP) agreement with the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

During a recent visit by Director General of Civil Aviation Nigeria, Captain Musa Nuhu, to ICAO’s headquarters in Montreal, Canada, the agreement was formalized. Captain Musa Nuhu and ICAO Secretary General Mr. Juan Carlos Salaazar appended their signatures to the agreement, marking a pivotal moment in the development of Nigeria’s aviation industry. A press statement issued by Captain Musa Nuhu, Director General of Civil Aviation Nigeria, confirmed the milestone.

The implementation of the Masterplan is expected to unlock new opportunities and propel growth within Nigeria’s aviation landscape. Captain Musa Nuhu emphasized the transformative potential of this endeavor, stating, “This is a major step in repositioning the nation’s aviation industry to attain its full potential and make significant contributions to the nation’s economic growth and development.” He highlighted the inclusive nature of the initiative, involving relevant stakeholders both within and beyond the aviation ecosystem in the development and execution of the Civil Aviation Masterplan.

Furthermore, in a separate development aimed at enhancing regional aviation safety, Captain Musa Nuhu joined forces with Mr. Karl Legba, the Director General of Civil Aviation Authority Benin Republic, to sign an Aeronautical Search and Rescue (SAR) Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between Nigeria and Benin Republic on August 3, 2023. This cooperative effort is projected to bolster the safety of flight operations within the region.

Similar SAR Agreements were also sealed between Nigeria and Togo at the headquarters of ANAC Togo, Lome. Captain Musa Nuhu and Col. Latta Gnama, Director of ANAC Togo, signed the agreement on behalf of their respective countries.

Captain Musa Nuhu indicated that more SAR MoUs are anticipated to be inked with neighboring countries in the coming weeks, underscoring Nigeria’s commitment to fostering collaboration and ensuring the safety and security of aviation operations across the region.

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