In response to the prevailing harsh economic conditions in the country, Neveah Limited has made a significant announcement regarding salary adjustments for its employees.

The decision to implement this unconventional move comes amidst financial challenges experienced by many workers due to the soaring inflation and high cost of living.

Mr. Ibidapo Lawal, the CEO of the company, revealed in a statement over the weekend that effective this month, all Neveah employees will receive a notable salary increase averaging over 44 percent. Some employees will see their salaries raised by up to 70 percent. This adjustment aims to bring the average salary at Neveah well above industry standards, with the expectation of boosting overall workforce morale and motivation.

The decision by Neveah to raise salaries by such a substantial margin has garnered widespread praise and appreciation from both employees and industry observers. Lawal emphasized the company’s commitment to supporting its employees during challenging times, noting that investing in employee well-being is not only morally sound but also beneficial for business. Happy and financially stable employees, he stressed, are more likely to be productive, engaged, and dedicated to the company’s success.

Neveah employees welcomed the news with enthusiasm, expressing gratitude for the company’s generosity and dedication to their welfare.

Industry experts have also commended Neveah’s initiative, citing it as a positive example of how companies can demonstrate support for their employees amid economic uncertainty.

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