The regulatory agency for mobile communications of NCC, has approved a unified USSD codes for all mobile networks in Nigeria. The harmonized shortcodes (HSC) will work seamlessly across all mobile networks in the country.

What this implies is that all mobile network services will be using the same customer care number, the same code for checking data balances, the same code for credit recharge, etc.

The code 996, is now for verification of Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) Registration/NIN-SIM linkage.

The Code 2442, is retained for Do-Not-Disturb (DND) unsolicited messaging complaint management.

The common Code 3232, is also retained for porting services, otherwise called Mobile Number Portability.

However, the old and new harmonised short codes will run concurrently up till May 17 2023, when all networks are expected to have fully migrated to full implementation of the new codes.

Call Centre: 300

⏺️ Borrow Services: *303#

⏺️ Stop Service: *305#

⏺️ Check Balance: *310#

⏺️ Credit Recharge: *311#

⏺️ Data Plan: *312#

⏺️ Data plan balance: *323#

⏺️ Share Services: *321#

⏺️ DND: 2442

⏺️ Porting services: 3232

⏺️ NIN Verification and NIN-SIM Linkage: *996#

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