In the Investors’ and Exporters’ window, the dollar rate against the naira saw a slight depreciation, settling at N791.42/$1 compared to N792.04/$1 on Monday. During trading, the naira-dollar rate reached its highest at N845/$1, while it traded at the lowest rate of N730/$1.

Foreign exchange traders in the Investors’ and Exporters’ window recorded $51.55 million in forex transactions, marking a 4.22% increase compared to the previous day’s $49.46 million.

However, in the black market, the dollar was traded at an average rate of N851.3/$1, while authorised dealers in the Bureau De Change window increased their asking price to N851.3/$1, up from N847.02/$1 reported on Monday.

Additionally, the pound and euro also saw price hikes in the black market, with the pound rising to N1110.2/£1 from N1103.9/£1, and the euro increasing from N952.5/€1 to N956.7/€1.

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