In response to the escalating incidents of power equipment vandalism across the nation, Minister of Power, Adebayo Adelabu, has advocated for capital punishment for offenders caught in connection with such acts.

Expressing concern over the rampant vandalization of power infrastructure and incidents of power theft, the minister underscored the severity of the situation. This statement comes as the Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN) reports the restoration of electricity in Kano, following a fire outbreak at the Dan Agundi Substation that disrupted power supply to parts of the city.

In a statement by Ndidi Mbah, the General Manager of Public Affairs at TCN, it was revealed that damaged transformers were isolated, and cables reconfigured to reinstate power to three feeders for customers of Kano Distribution Company.

Addressing a meeting with both former and current Heads of Power Agencies in Abuja, Minister Adelabu attributed the sporadic power supply in Nigeria to the worrisome trend of vandalism, compounded by low gas supply.

Emphasizing the high cost of procuring and installing power equipment, Adelabu declared a more stringent stance against vandalism. He disclosed that the Ministry has collaborated with the Office of the National Security Adviser and other security agencies to ensure the safety of installations, urging Nigerians to remain vigilant.

Encouraging Heads of Power Agencies to intensify public awareness efforts, the minister expressed optimism that concerted efforts would soon alleviate the issue of erratic power supply.

During the meeting, the chairman of TCN and other agency heads pledged their commitment to enhancing power generation and distribution nationwide.

Vandalism of electricity infrastructure has been a persistent challenge in Nigeria, with numerous incidents reported across various regions. Recent reports from IBEDC highlight a surge in vandalism cases in 2024 alone.

Meanwhile, TCN reiterated ongoing efforts to fully restore power supply in Kano, with plans to energize additional transformers to mitigate potential supply shortfalls. The fire incident, triggered during maintenance work, required collaborative efforts between the Kano State Fire Service, TCN safety staff, and security personnel to contain.

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