Meta’s new Twitter rival app, Threads, has experienced an astonishing surge in popularity, attracting more than 10 million users from around the globe within just 7 hours of its launch. This remarkable milestone was announced by Meta owner, Mark Zuckerberg, on the Threads app today.

Earlier in the day, Mark Zuckerberg, the chief of Meta, had shared that Threads had garnered over 5 million sign-ups since its initial launch. However, the number of users signing up for the app skyrocketed to an impressive 10 million within the span of 7 hours.

The rapid adoption of Threads highlights the app’s appeal and indicates a strong initial response from users. Meta’s foray into the Twitter-like market with Threads has evidently struck a chord with a significant number of individuals who are eager to explore its features and join the burgeoning community.

As Threads continues to gain traction, Meta’s efforts to establish a prominent position in the social media landscape appear promising. The impressive user numbers within such a short time frame suggest that Meta’s strategy with Threads has resonated with users worldwide, setting the stage for potential competition in the Twitter alternative market.

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