Here is a roundup of the latest manufacturing news from Endeavor Business Media’s various news brands, providing insights into industry trends and developments:

  1. Smart Strategies to Reduce Manufacturing Waste: Manufacturing waste can significantly impact a company’s finances if left unchecked. Erich Lawson explores the seven types of manufacturing waste and offers five smart ways to minimize them in this informative Smart Industry article.
  2. Declining Interest in Electrical Engineering Degrees: Tom Zind delves into a recent report from The Information Technology and Innovation Foundation, highlighting the concerning decline in interest for electrical engineering degrees. This article, featured in Electrical Construction & Maintenance, discusses the potential consequences of an impending shortage in electrical engineering professionals.
  3. Mitsubishi Fuso and Hino Announce Merger: Construction Equipment’s editorial director, Rod Sutton, covers the memorandum of understanding between Mitsubishi Fuso and Hino for their merger. The collaboration between the two companies aims to create a globally competitive commercial vehicle manufacturer, as detailed in the article.
  4. Comau’s Automated Battery Recycling and Repurposing: New Equipment Digest presents an article on Comau’s innovative project, the EU’s Flexible Battery Dismantling initiative. Discover how this automated process for battery recycling and second-life repurposing contributes to sustainable practices in the automotive industry.
  5. Superior Essex Expands Fiber-Optic Cable Manufacturing Capacity: Stephen Hardy, editorial director of Lightwave, shares insights into Superior Essex Communications’ impressive $73 million expansion project at their Brownwood, Texas facility. The extension will significantly increase the plant’s production capacity, bringing it to over 500,000 square feet.

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