Charles N. Lambert, Creator of Compassionate Capitalism, Unveils Pan African Job Centre to Tackle Youth Unemployment in Africa by Generating 300 Million Job Opportunities

Charles N. Lambert, “The African Oracle,” Reveals Pan African Job Centre to Address Unemployment in Africa with 28 Principles of Compassionate Capitalism, Providing Intensive Training and Certifications in 28 Sectors for African Youth

King Lambert announced the launch of the Pan African Job Centre, both online and with physical locations across various African countries. He stated that this initiative will aid in the development of industries and control production, and will be achieved through collaboration with India to provide job opportunities for 300 million African youth within 28 sectors of Compassionate Capitalism. He also mentioned a partnership called The India/Africa Technology Pact, which aims to employ one million Indians to work towards improving the lives of Africans through Black Wall Street.

King Lambert stated that Indians have a strong work ethic and excel in customer service and platform work and that they will bring innovative solutions to the sectors of Compassionate Capitalism. He added that this approach will be a “bottom-up consumer solution.”

The purpose of this initiative is to give power to people in Africa and break free from the constraints of European capitalism. This will be accomplished by offering investment opportunities in 28 different sectors, ultimately leading to financial independence for Africa. Black Wall Street (BWS) is using capital as a means of production. According to King Lambert, “Investment is the key to overcoming poverty.” UPAP is a share in the entire operations of Black Wall Street, worth $100 in monthly dividends and $30,000 in cash value. UPAP can be obtained by earning 20,000 investment points through purchases at the Redirect Mall.

Source: Vanguard News

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