On Thursday, Kaduna Electric released a comprehensive list of over 49,000 customers who have been refunded for overbilling, in accordance with directives from the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC).

The detailed list, containing the names of refunded customers, has been made accessible on the power distribution company’s official website, www.kadunaelectric.com, adhering to NERC’s mandate. NERC’s Capping Order instructs distribution companies (DisCos) to cap bills for unmetered customers at a specified threshold, ensuring fair billing practices.

The Registrar, in the directive, emphasized the objective of aligning estimated bills for unmetered customers with the actual consumption of metered customers on the same supply feeder. Kaduna Electric, in an accompanying statement to the refunded customers list, stated: “In compliance with the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission’s Order on Non-compliance with Capping of Estimated Bills to unmetered customers for the period of January to September 2023, Kaduna Electric has completed credit adjustment to all affected customers as provided in NERC’s assessment report.

“The affected customers will notice a credit adjustment for the cumulative overbilled amount for the period of January to September 2023 on their February 2024 bills which is being delivered as of now.”

Abdulazeez Abdullahi, the Head of Corporate Communication at Kaduna Electric, affirmed the company’s commitment to regulatory compliance, emphasizing its role as a responsible participant in the electricity market. He stressed the importance of customers settling their electricity bills promptly, noting that failure to do so undermines efforts to improve Kaduna Electric’s operations. Abdullahi reiterated the company’s stance on enforcing zero tolerance for energy theft, emphasizing its significance in ensuring the efficiency of the power sector.

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