Kelechi Benwosely Kachikwu, also known as Queen Kel, has embarked on an exciting journey from the music stage to the film industry as an executive producer. The multi-talented artist is set to make her mark as she delves into producing for the first time, collaborating with star director Apanpa.

When asked about her motivation for the transition, Kelechi expressed how the realms of music and film intersect, highlighting examples such as Beyoncé and Rihanna. She revealed her desire to tell stories close to her heart, emphasizing that as an executive producer, she can wield more influence over the narrative.

As she takes on her role as executive producer, Kelechi is working on multiple projects, including a family-centered love story. She believes that through visual storytelling, she can shed light on the daily struggles of decision-making, inspiring audiences to learn from the characters’ experiences.

Collaborating with Apanpa was an easy decision for Kelechi. She cited his reputation for reliability, trustworthiness, and meticulous work, making her excited to work alongside him on this project.

Balancing her music career with her new role, Kelechi sees music and movies as interconnected art forms. She draws parallels from artists like Davido, Beyoncé, and Banky W, who have successfully crossed over into both fields.

Kelechi’s background in music will play a pivotal role in her journey as an executive producer. Drawing upon her writing skills, she intends to apply her musical experience to scriptwriting and storytelling in the film industry.

When questioned about her unique artistic vision, Kelechi teased that it’s a surprise she’s eager to reveal.

Through her production process, Kelechi has embraced the lessons of consistency and determination. She envisions a future filled with top-tier movies that touch hearts and captivate minds, aspiring to win prestigious awards like the Grammys and Oscars.

Working with Apanpa, Kelechi praises his listening ability, emphasizing that he understands her unique perspective as a gospel artist and pastor.

Transitioning from the music industry to film has been seamless for Kelechi, as she views both fields as interconnected. She envisions combining her musical talents with her films, crafting music-infused movies and dance-oriented projects.

Kelechi’s advice for aspiring artists breaking into both industries is to stay determined, find the right collaborators, and secure proper funding. She believes that with the right team, it’s possible to excel in both music and film.

As she continues her journey, Kelechi is excited about the synergy between music and film, aiming to create movies that offer valuable life lessons rather than mere entertainment.

In her upcoming film, Kelechi hopes audiences will take away valuable insights, emotional connections, and intellectual growth. She envisions bridging the gap between creating music and producing films, highlighting any unexpected similarities that arise.

Original compositions and soundtracks will undoubtedly find their way into Kelechi’s films, merging her musical expertise with her newfound role as an executive producer.

Kelechi anticipates potential cross-promotion opportunities between her music career and film production, leveraging both creative endeavors to reach wider audiences.

Her long-term goals as an executive producer involve exploring various genres and subjects, with an unwavering commitment to crafting impactful stories that resonate with viewers.

To her loyal fans, Kelechi extends her gratitude and excitement for the support they’ve shown throughout her musical journey and her new venture in the film industry. Her message resonates with enthusiasm for the road ahead, promising both her signature music and groundbreaking films to come.

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