Oluwakemi Olorode, CEO of Indulgence Digital Concept Ltd (IDCL), a leading advertising company in Nigeria, is making waves in the industry. Oluwakemi, who has a passion for helping businesses grow and a proven track record of executing successful campaigns, is becoming a sought-after expert in the field. In this exclusive interview with EdialeKingsley, she shares her thoughts on the advertising landscape, the key to delivering successful campaigns, and the future of the industry.

Can you tell us about the founding story of Indulgence Digital Concept Ltd (IDCL)?

For years, starting my own advertising company has been my dream. I have a passion for helping customers understand the importance of improving their brands through advertising. When I was 8 years old, I told my dad that one day he would see me speaking on TV, just like Sola Atere of NTA News. Although my dreams may not come true exactly as I planned, I believe they will eventually work out.

What inspired you to start a company in the advertising industry?

I have learned from my experiences working with various brands that the best way to make clients happy is by helping them grow their businesses to the fullest. This is what inspired me to start IDCL, where I can utilize my skills as a business developer to help businesses increase their revenue. I believe that advertising is the key to success, and at IDCL we ensure that every penny invested in publicity is valued.

What sets IDCL apart from other advertisement companies in Nigeria?

IDCL sets itself apart in Nigeria by being solely focused on advertising. We offer a unique approach to traditional marketing, always striving to find innovative ways to help our clients grow their businesses. If you’re tired of conventional advertising, IDCL is here to introduce new solutions to your brand, making us a standout in the industry

Can you walk us through the process of developing a successful advertising campaign for a client?

Absolutely! With a proven track record of working with over 200 clients in Nigeria, IDCL has made a significant impact on the growth and success of numerous brands across the nation. Our focus on introducing your brand to the right customers has proven to be a key factor in our success.

Can you share some examples of successful campaigns that IDCL has executed?

IDCL has a proven track record of executing successful campaigns for a wide range of clients, including the APC campaigns group, PDP campaigns group, Egyptair, Peace Mass Hotel, Playworld, Bushbaby Empire, November Cubes, and many more companies in Nigeria.

Can you tell us about IDCL’s experience working with international clients, such as Egyptian Air?

Working with Egyptair has been a fantastic experience for IDCL. Our team successfully handled their 90th-anniversary campaign in Nigeria, including radio, email, SMS, and social media campaigns, in 2022. More projects for 2023 are on the horizon, and we continue to maintain a strong working relationship with Egyptair’s communication team as we work toward their growth

Can you share the importance of SEO/SEM in modern-day advertising?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) helps increase the visibility of your products and services to potential buyers through online search engines. If your website does not show up in relevant search results, it is important to optimize it for mobile users to improve its visibility and increase the chances of attracting more customers.

Can you tell us about IDCL’s approach to brand packaging?

Our services at IDCL include:

9. Radio ads with jingle production and placements

10. Television commercials

11. Social media branding (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)

12. Graphic design

13. Paid sponsorship

14. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) (Google ads)

15. Brand packaging

16. Management

Branding packages include:

• Radio ads

• Television (TV) ads

• Social media ads

• Logo designs

• Business cards

• Flyers and posters

• Translation services

• CV reviews and designs

• Digital marketing (campaigns, strategies)

• Videography (creative videos for companies, product shoots, video ads)

• Voice over/recording

• Professional portfolio shoots

• Portfolio designs

• Packaging designs.

How does IDCL measure the success of an advertisement campaign for a client?

At IDCL, we take the time to understand our client’s goals and work closely with them to achieve their desired outcomes. Our commitment to ensuring our client’s satisfaction is why we have a track record of success and happy clients. We drive the market in the direction our clients want, delivering results and exceeding expectations.

Can you discuss the role of social media in IDCL’sadvertising strategies?

Social media advertising is an efficient and effective means of connecting with your target audience and enhancing your marketing efforts. Advertisers can use various data sources to precisely target their audience and deliver personalized content based on demographics and user behavior. This allows for a more impactful and relevant advertising experience for consumers

Looking ahead, what are IDCL’s plans for the future of the company and the advertising industry in Nigeria?

IDCL is a global organization, not just limited to Nigeria, that is dedicated to elevating the standards of advertising. With the support of God, IDCL has become a unique and exceptional brand in the advertising industry. Any brand can associate with IDCL to achieve the best results in its advertising endeavors.

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