The Abuja Electricity Distribution Company (AEDC) has declared that despite the recent hike in the prices of electricity-prepaid meters, customers who have previously made payments under the Meter Asset Providers (MAPs) scheme will not be subject to the new rates.

The Managing Director of AEDC, Christopher Ezeafulukwe, made this announcement in Abuja, highlighting the company’s commitment to implementing business strategies that enhance service delivery and benefit its customers.

The cost of meters has seen an increase, with the price of a single-phase meter now at N81,975.16, up from N58,661.69, while a three-phase meter has risen to N143,836.10 from N109,684.36.

Ezeafulukwe assured that customers who had previously made payments would not shoulder the burden of these new rates.

Addressing customer concerns at a Customer Complaints and Engagement Forum, he emphasized that ensuring good service delivery remains a top priority for the organization. Ezeafulukwe reiterated the significance of teamwork in meeting the needs of customers, underscoring the role of end-users as special stakeholders.

Furthermore, as part of their safety awareness campaign, the organization extended their efforts to Junior Secondary School Dutse, Sagwari, Abuja, stressing the importance of accident-free electricity usage. The Chief Marketing Officer, Donald Etim, who led the team, emphasized the necessity of safe electricity usage at all times.

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