The oil communities comprising the Assa North cluster in the Ohaji-Egbema council area of Imo State are calling on the Anoh Gas Processing Company (AGPC) to accelerate the construction of the Assa – Ohoba – Obosima rural road.

In a statement released on Monday and signed by Mr. Duke-Bright Enyia, the spokesperson for the cluster, the communities, including Assa, Obile, Ochia, Awarra, Ohoba, and Obosima, expressed their concern over the delayed completion of the road project.

Despite entering into a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with AGPC over the past four years, the company has failed to fulfill its commitment to finish the project initiated in 2019, according to Enyia.

He emphasized the significance of the road as the primary link for the communities to Owerri, the state capital, and suggested that AGPC should consider transferring the construction contract to another firm due to the current handlers’ inability to execute the project.

Enyia highlighted the environmental impact of AGPC’s activities, citing the destruction caused by heavy construction trucks on the road and the subsequent pollution affecting farmlands. He lamented the adverse effects on the community’s access to essential services such as electricity, healthcare, and adequate infrastructure.

Furthermore, Enyia criticized AGPC for allegedly violating local content policies and the Petroleum Industry Act (PIA) by engaging in selective employment practices, favoring individuals unknown to the community over locals, contrary to the MoU and PIA provisions.

Enyia called on AGPC to fulfill its obligations to the host communities, return local content jobs and contracts to the communities, and empower the youth as part of their corporate social responsibility.

In response, AGPC’s Project Management Officer, Mr. Obinna Madumere, initially refrained from commenting but assured that the allegations would be addressed appropriately.

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