The Housing Development Advocacy Network (HDAN) has underscored the vital importance of unity among stakeholders and the attraction of foreign investment as pivotal factors for the advancement of Nigeria’s housing sector.

This appeal coincides with HDAN’s endorsement of the new leadership of the Real Estate Developers Association of Nigeria (REDAN). In a statement issued yesterday, HDAN’s Executive Director, Festus Adebayo, urged all housing stakeholders in the country to unite and throw their support behind REDAN’s newly appointed president, Akintoye Adeoye.

According to Adebayo, the primary objective is to elevate the association to a level where it gains international recognition and draws foreign investments into Nigeria’s housing sector. “It is imperative that we unite as a cohesive force to bolster REDAN’s new leadership,” Adebayo emphasized. “Only through collaboration and a shared vision can we position the association to attract the foreign investments crucial for our housing sector’s development.”

Adebayo reiterated that HDAN, a pioneering non-governmental organization comprising professionals from diverse disciplines, remains unwavering in its commitment to enhancing housing industry standards. He emphasized the advocacy group’s dedication to supporting professional bodies and promoting the endeavors of all housing and construction sector professionals.

The Executive Director of HDAN also lauded the efforts of Arc. Ahmed Dangiwa, the Minister of Housing and Urban Development, for his strides in enhancing professionalism within the sector. He highlighted this as a significant milestone, marking the first time the housing sector is being led by a professional with comprehensive understanding of its intricacies—an achievement commended by HDAN.

“We commend the minister’s dedication to enforcing regulations and fostering integrity and transparency in the real estate business,” Adebayo affirmed. “These principles have been central to HDAN’s mission for many years, and we are encouraged by the positive transformations we are witnessing.”

As Nigeria’s real estate landscape evolves, HDAN has called upon all stakeholders to seize the opportunity and collaborate towards a promising future characterized by professionalism, transparency, and sustainable growth in the housing sector.

Adebayo stressed that attracting foreign investment will be pivotal in realizing this objective, emphasizing that unity among stakeholders is key to making Nigeria’s housing sector an appealing destination for international investors.

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