Are you looking for ways to make extra money during the festive periods of Christmas and New Year’s holiday in Nigeria? With these 10 profitable business ideas, you can take advantage of the high demand for festive products and services and turn your passion into a successful venture. From retail sales and catering to event planning and personalized gifts, there are plenty of opportunities to make the most of the holiday season. So, get ready to make your mark with these proven strategies and make the most of the festive periods in Nigeria.

  1. Retail sales: Christmas and New Year’s are popular times for gift-giving, so there is a high demand for festive decorations, gifts, and other items. You could set up a store or sell items online through platforms like Jumia or Konga.
  2. Food and beverage sales: Many people celebrate the holidays with special meals and parties, so there is a demand for catering and food delivery services. You could also consider selling traditional Nigerian foods or drinks that are popular during the holidays.
  3. Event planning and entertainment: People often host parties and events during the holidays, so you could start a business that helps people plan and execute these events, such as providing entertainment, decorations, or catering services.
  4. Home services: The holidays can be a busy time, and people may be looking for help with tasks such as cleaning, laundry, or home repairs. You could start a home services business to meet this demand.
  5. Online tutoring and educational services: Many people have time off during the holidays and may be looking to improve their skills or learn something new. You could offer online tutoring or educational services to help people achieve their learning goals.
  1. Photography and videography: Many people want to capture special memories during the holidays, so you could start a business offering photography and videography services. You could offer packages for events such as holiday parties, family gatherings, and New Year’s Eve celebrations.
  2. Gift baskets and gift wrapping: People often give gifts during the holidays, and they may be looking for creative and attractive ways to present them. You could start a business offering gift baskets or gift wrapping services.
  3. Personalized items: Customized or personalized items can make great gifts, and you could start a business offering items such as personalized holiday ornaments, photo gifts, or custom-made clothing or accessories.
  4. Holiday decorations: People love to decorate their homes and businesses for the holidays, so you could start a business selling holiday decorations such as wreaths, lights, and other festive items.
  5. Online courses and webinars: The holidays can be a time for people to learn new skills or pursue their interests, and you could offer online courses or webinars to meet this demand. You could create courses on a variety of topics, from cooking to crafts to business skills.

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