In a significant development, Heirs Holdings Oil & Gas Limited (HHOG), an indigenous integrated energy company, has unveiled its rebranding under the new name, Heirs Energies Limited. This transformation is accompanied by a refreshed logo and color scheme, reflecting the company’s commitment to addressing Africa’s distinctive energy requirements in a sustainable manner.

Amid the pressing need to achieve net zero emissions by 2050, Heirs Energies will leverage its extensive expertise, resources, and innovative solutions to take the lead in reshaping the energy landscape while leaving a positive and enduring impact on the environment.

Heirs Energies will continue its exploration and production activities while harnessing emerging technologies to reduce carbon emissions by eliminating gas flaring. The company will also invest in gas utilization projects, tapping into the abundant energy sources to enhance energy access and drive development across the continent.

Tony Elumelu, the Chairman of Heirs Energies, emphasized the significance of this rebranding, stating, “This new brand identity reaffirms our dedication to innovation, growth, and sustainability in Africa. Heirs Energies reflects our unwavering commitment to environmental responsibility, value creation in Africa, and integration across our value chains. We will work collaboratively with our community towards a shared destiny. We are excited to embark on this transformative journey that will shape the future of the energy sector in Africa.”

Osayande Igiehon, the Chief Executive Officer of Heirs Energies, further elaborated on the company’s unique vision and approach to the energy sector, stating, “Heirs Energies embodies our distinct purpose and strategy for the energy sector. Our primary focus is not only on fulfilling Africa’s specific energy needs but doing so in a sustainable and responsible manner that aligns with global environmental objectives.”

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