In a candid reflection on his administration’s progress and challenges, Governor Fubara of Rivers State opened up about ongoing issues regarding debt and project payments inherited from the previous administration.

Expressing his concerns during a recent address, Governor Fubara highlighted the lingering debts owed to contractors for projects commissioned by the previous governor, Nyesom Wike. With outstanding payments amounting to millions and billions, Governor Fubara underscored the need for transparency and accountability in addressing these financial obligations.

“I have refrained from speaking out, but when pressured, I will reveal the truth. We must confront the reality of our financial commitments,” Governor Fubara emphasized, emphasizing his commitment to transparency by planning to present a detailed ‘white paper’ on project funding during upcoming inaugurations.

Despite these challenges, Governor Fubara celebrated the commencement of his administration’s one-year anniversary with the inauguration of a significant road project in Eleme, a testament to his commitment to delivering development despite adversity.

Addressing the crowd gathered for the inauguration, Governor Fubara expressed his gratitude to the people of Rivers State for their resilience and support. “This milestone reflects our unwavering dedication to progress, even in the face of adversity,” he stated, reaffirming his administration’s focus on serving the people.

Governor Fubara also welcomed the presence of Otti, emphasizing his commitment to action-based integrity over artificial displays.

As the celebration of his administration’s achievements continues, Governor Fubara remains steadfast in his commitment to transparency, accountability, and delivering tangible development to the people of Rivers State.

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