Husayn Zaguru
Public Speaker | Creative Artist | Comm4Dev Consultant
Starling Collective Fellow (USA) Giving Tuesday Inc

Husayn Zaguru (officially Hussain Zaguru AbdulQadir), Sabistation’s Dream Team Client, is a Public Speaker/Mindset Coach, Creative Artist, Digital Creator, and Comm4Dev Consultant who is passionate about Social entrepreneurship and Serial entrepreneurship. He is currently the Team Lead for GivingTuesday Nigeria-Local Chapter, Abuja-FCT, the Founder/Curator of SoundArt On the Spot, a global creative platform and Giving School Clubs. In addition, he is the CEO of Zaguruville Empire Concepts Limited.

GivingTuesday’s Starling Collective Fellow, Husayn Zaguru & Seasoned Speaker, named GivingTuesday (Nigeria) Team-Lead for its Abuja-FCT Chapter; Celebrates International Women’s Day with Its Ladies Edition of the Boundary Stitcher Workshop.

GivingTuesday’s Starling Collective Fellow, Husayn Zaguru & Seasoned Speaker named GivingTuesday (Nigeria) Team Lead for its Abuja-FCT chapter; Celebrates International Women’s Day with Its Ladies Edition of the Boundary Stitcher Workshop, FCT-Nigeria (Hybrid) – March 8th to 10th -2023
International Women’s Day is a global day that celebrates the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women. But this year, it comes with a plot twist…The EmbraceEquity is the generic theme for the IWD.
The month of March, 2023, was the month for “Women” and so was it a special month. More so, Husayn Zaguru was named the Team-Lead for the Abuja-FCT chapter for the GivingTuesday (Nigeria) by the Country-Lead, Folakemi Adesina Esq. The global generosity movement, is geared towards unleashing the power of people and organizations to transform their communities and the world. In honor of this feat and the Women’s day year’s theme centered on Innovation and technology, which highlights the importance of leveraging technology to empower women and bridge the gender gap; SoundArt On the Spot Initiative chose to mark the event with the Ladies Edition of the Boundary Stitcher Workshop
The Workshop was a hybrid and had amazing participants; speakers; panelists, and guests that graced the 3-day event which was held from March 8th to 10th, 2023 live in Wuse 2, Abuja, Nigeria.
The theme for the Workshop, “DigiArt, Tech-Innovation and Generosity and #EmbraceEquity”, was borne out of the relevance the global GivingTuesday’s values have bred in terms of generosity and sharing acts of kindness. There is a simulation and semblance to employing artistic skills according to the current technological advancement (AI in specific). More so, women are at the forefront of this crux We had amazing speakers cut across the borders from Nigeria, Ghana., Uganda, Madagascar, Sudan, the UK, etc
The event was hosted by the GivingTuesday Starling Collective Fellow, Husayn Zaguru, and was graced by the Coordinators for the African Cohort of the GivingTuesday; Eme Iniekung, who gave a resounding remark and contributions. The Country-Lead for GivingTuesday (Nigeria) Folakemi Adesina, who participated virtually from Lagos state, highlighted what the Team is doing in Nigeria regards to generosity and empowerment toward women and children. Bidemi Adedire, seasoned communications consultant for GivingTuesday, enumerated the essence of communicating interventions that could encourage generosity and women empowerment via technological advancements in Nigeria and in the global space.
We were graced by two (2) female starling collective fellows who participated virtually: Lalaina Randriarimanana from Madagascar, and Noreen Asekenye, a Ugandan Social entrepreneur. According to the GivingTuesday African Hub report, it stated, “These women have shown tremendous courage and resilience in the face of adversity, and their stories remind us that women can achieve greatness when given the chance to do so.” We also had another fellow, Tande Elias who participated from South Sudan, who talked about how he uses media for direct advocacy and empowerment to ensure every citizen knows their rights; Richard Ali, the Abuja based Writer/Poet graced the event with his unique and focused approach to women’s empowerment. He stated, “So many of the stories that we have been able to create as an engaging bonus has been by women. And for the films that we have made, one of them has a female director and a female producer, a Tanzanian, and an itinerary.”
We were alo graced by Dr. Ola Ifatimehin, a C4D strategist and a seasoned scholar/lecturer at Bayero University, Kano, who attended the event live at Abuja, shared with us some of the theoretical frameworks for engagement within institutions and communities. In his own words, he said that… “So how we begin to address these rural communities in such a way that they would also begin to live in the present in this digital age that we talk about, is one major thing that must be brought to the front corner to liberate the women and the conditions in which they find themselves.”
Ololade Ogunnubi, an Abuja-based female “women and children-focused” advocate and social entrepreneur presented during the workshop, how she has been instrumental in catering for the needy and her her laudable projects for the IDPs. Imoh Anselem, a Tech Creative amazingly enlightened us not just on the potential, but their efforts to make “women-friendly” platforms that could ease global transactions for charities, NGOs, etc. We benefited from his professional and sound experience. Star Okpeh literarily brought us all into her world of the digitalization of her artistic brand. She talked about African textiles and the role of digitalization in preserving arts and culture for women’s empowerment. Nasiba Babale, a female medical laboratory scientist & creative based in Kano, highlighted their women’s impact projects and their plans to incorporate more “women-focused” themes in their interventions. Faisal Umar Lawal, an Abuja based Pubic Speaker, expounded on the theme in thematic segments that enriched the discussions. Salamatu Sule, an Abuja based creative also ferried us through the seas of her inexhaustible support and passion for empowering women. Amina Ibrahim Zarma, a Northern Nigerian Poet, who added her voice, joined us virtually from diaspora. Princess Miracle Benardine Attah , talked about the power of volunteering and how it impacts the participation of women in all circles.
At the end of the 3-day workshop, we pledged to put into action some of the salient points raised in our various fields of endeavor.
Husayn Zaguru (Hussain Zaguru AbdulQadir)
GivingTuesday (Nigeria)L-Team Lead:Abuja-FCT

Husayn Zaguru is a Public Speaker, Communication Consultant for development (C4D), and Creative Artist, Starling Collective (USA) Fellow.

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Husayn Zaguru resides in Abuja, FCT and can be reached at

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