Fusion Block Labs is a blockchain venture studio that builds companies that solve everyday problems using blockchain technology. One of their recently released products, Metadapp, is an all-in-one super-app platform that provides users with tools to help them manage all their on-chain activities in one place.

Since its launch, Metadapp has attracted thousands of users and raised an undisclosed pre-seed round from global VCs and angel investors.
The future looks bright for them as they take on the 1 trillion-dollar opportunity in the blockchain market.

“At Fusion Block Labs, we saw a problem in the current blockchain landscape. Users had to navigate multiple protocols and blockchains to access different functionalities. “We wanted to simplify that process by creating a single, all-in-one platform,” said Ayo Orekoya, co-founder of Fusion Block Labs.

Metadapp has built custom dashboards for users across the NFT, DEFI, and Dex markets, allowing each group to explore blockchain data for insights specific to their needs.

“We are thrilled to introduce Metadapp to the blockchain community. Our goal is to provide aggregated access to blockchain technology for current and next-generation users,” said Matti Jeremiah, co-founder of Fusion Block Labs.

Fusion Block Labs is a US-based blockchain product company founded in 2021. The company wants to make the blockchain landscape easier to use and understand by making new products for both existing and new Web3 verticals.
Founder’s name: Jeremiah Matti & Ayo Orekoya
Company name: Fusion Block Labs
Email: hello@metadapp.com

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