In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, agriculture, and logistics, one name stands out as a serial entrepreneur making waves across industries – John Akpetimeh Miracle. With a diverse portfolio spanning the tech, agro, and logistics sectors, John Akpetimeh Miracle has been at the forefront of innovation and disruption. Today, we have the privilege of delving into his journey and learning about his latest venture, “Paysequr,” a groundbreaking fintech product set to transform the way we conduct transactions.

As the founder of JAM-Forte Technologies, a trailblazing software development company established in 2018, John Akpetimeh Miracle has been steering the ship of innovation from its operational base in Abuja, Nigeria. Now, he’s set to unveil his latest brainchild – “Paysequr.” This innovative fintech solution is poised to redefine the shopping experience for both consumers and merchants alike.

At the heart of “Paysequr” lies an ingenious escrow service, revolutionizing the transaction process. With this cutting-edge approach, shoppers have the peace of mind that they will only part with their funds once they have received and verified the product to be exactly as expected. This game-changing concept ensures that customers are in control and can trust their transactions like never before.

In this exclusive interview, we will dive deep into John Akpetimeh Miracle’s entrepreneurial journey, exploring his motivations, challenges, and triumphs. We’ll uncover the driving force behind JAM-Forte Technologies and gain insights into how “Paysequr” is poised to reshape the fintech landscape. Join us as we uncover the vision, innovation, and dedication that have propelled John Akpetimeh Miracle to the forefront of the tech, agro, and logistics industries, and get a sneak peek into the exciting future that “Paysequr” holds for shoppers and merchants worldwide.

Below is a comprehensive interview with the founder:

Can you give us an overview of JAM-Forte Technologies and the inspiration behind its
founding in 2018?

JAM-Forte Technologies was established in 2018 as a dynamic software development company
based in Abuja, Nigeria. We provide a range of software solutions and services such as web and
mobile application development, software testing, IT consulting, product design and
development, hardware systems installation, hardware procurement, and software
development training. Our inspiration for founding the company was to bridge the
technological gap by providing innovative and affordable software solutions that address realworld challenges, for all scales of businesses, government and individuals.. Our team recognized
the potential to harness technology to drive positive change across various industries, and this
vision continues to guide our endeavors.

What motivated your team to create Paysequr, a fintech product that focuses on
revolutionizing transactions between shoppers and merchants?

The motivation behind creating Paysequr stemmed from the desire to reshape the way
transactions are conducted in the digital age, especially with the wide adoption of ecommerce
in Africa, and the downside that comes with shopping online such as scam, fraud, and sale of
low quality products for the same price as the original. Our team saw an opportunity to address
the trust deficit in online shopping and payments. We aimed to empower both consumers and
merchants by introducing a secure and transparent escrow payment system that ensures fair
transactions and boosts confidence in the online shopping experience.

Could you explain how Paysequr’s escrow service works and how it aims to enhance the
shopping experience for both consumers and merchants?

Paysequr’s escrow service acts as a neutral intermediary in transactions. When a shopper wants
to makes a purchase for an item, he sends a buy request to the merchant through the merchant
unique ID and a transaction is created upon confirmation from the merchant, then the shopper
(buyer) makes payment to the merchant which is held securely in escrow. Once the consumer
receives the product and confirms its quality, the payment is released to the merchant. This
process enhances the shopping experience by fostering trust, reducing disputes, and ensuring
that shoppers receive what they pay for. Merchants also benefit from assured payments upon
successful delivery.

What challenges or pain points in the traditional payment process led to the development
of Paysequr’s unique escrow service?

The traditional payment process often lacked transparency and left both consumers and
merchants vulnerable to fraud and disputes. Paysequr’s escrow service was designed to
mitigate these challenges by providing a secure and accountable payment process. This
innovation addresses issues of trust, delayed payments, and potential dissatisfaction, thus
enhancing the overall transaction experience.

How does Paysequr ensure a secure and trustworthy platform for both shoppers and
merchants to transact using the escrow service?

Paysequr employs robust security protocols and encryption measures to safeguard sensitive
information. Our platform verifies merchants and ensures compliance with industry standards
and KYC requirement by the Central Bank of Nigeria. Additionally, our escrow service is designed
to prevent unauthorized access to funds, and our transparent transaction tracking system
provides visibility into the process for both shoppers and merchants. Lastly, all transactions are
processed through our partner bank (VFD Microfinance bank), so all customers are issued a
unique VFD bank account number upon completing their KYC Verification.

Can you walk us through the step-by-step process of how a typical transaction occurs
using Paysequr’s escrow service?

A typical transaction on Paysequr involves:

  • The consumer send a payment request to a merchant and makes the payment.
  • Paysequr holds the payment securely in escrow.
  • The merchant ships the product to the consumer through our logistics partner (GIG
  • Once the consumer receives and verifies the product’s quality, they confirm the transaction.
  • Paysequr releases the payment to the merchant.

In what ways does Paysequr contribute to reducing instances of fraud and ensuring that
shoppers receive the products they ordered?

Paysequr’s escrow service reduces fraud by ensuring that funds are held securely until the
shopper confirms the product’s quality. This prevents instances where consumers pay but don’t
receive products as described. Merchants also benefit from verified payments, reducing the risk
of chargebacks.

What types of industries or businesses do you envision benefiting the most from
integrating Paysequr’s escrow service into their payment processes?

Paysequr’s escrow service is versatile and can benefit a wide range of industries including ecommerce, electronics, fashion, and more. Any industry where trust and transparent
transactions are paramount can benefit from our solution.

Paysequr’s concept of “pay on delivery” through escrow is innovative. How has the
response been from both consumers and merchants so far?**

We are yet to launch; however we have a pre-launch community with great feedbacks

Could you share any success stories or testimonials from users of Paysequr who have
experienced the benefits of the escrow service firsthand?

It’s not launched yet

How does Paysequr handle disputes that may arise between shoppers and merchants
regarding the quality or delivery of products?

Paysequr employs a dispute resolution process where both parties can present their cases and
evidence. Our team mediates and ensures a fair resolution. If disputes persist, funds held in
escrow can be returned to the consumer per our terms and conditions.

What technologies or strategies does Paysequr employ to ensure seamless and efficient
payment processing and product verification?

Paysequr utilizes cutting-edge encryption and secure payment through our partner bank (VFD
Microfinance Bank).

As a software development company, how do you keep the Paysequr platform up to date
with the latest security measures and technological advancements?

We have a dedicated team that continuously monitors security trends and updates. Regular
software updates, security audits, and collaboration with industry experts ensure that our
platform remains at the forefront of security and technology.

What are some of the future developments or features that Paysequr is planning to
introduce to further enhance the shopping and payment experience?

We’re excited about expanding our partnerships, improving user interfaces, and integrating
emerging payment technologies. Additionally, we’re exploring options for loyalty programs and
value-added services for both consumers and merchants, and hopefully migrating into a full
payment service provider.

Paysequr’s headquarters is in Abuja, Nigeria. Are there plans to expand your services to
other regions or countries in the future?

Yes, we have ambitious plans to expand our services to other regions and countries. Our goal is
to bring the benefits of secure escrow transactions to a global audience.

In the rapidly evolving fintech landscape, how does Paysequr plan to remain competitive
and continue providing value to users?

Paysequr is committed to staying ahead through continuous innovation. We will actively listen
to user feedback, adapt to changing technologies, and remain focused on enhancing the
security, trust, and convenience of our platform.

Collaboration with merchants is crucial for the success of Paysequr. How do you engage
and onboard new merchants onto your platform?

We collaborate with merchant associations, industry events, and digital marketing to reach
potential partners. Our onboarding process is user-friendly, with dedicated support to help
merchants integrate Paysequr into their business processes.

Are there any partnerships or integrations with other fintech or e-commerce platforms
that Paysequr is exploring to extend its reach?

Yes, we’re actively exploring collaborations with complementary fintech and e-commerce
platforms. These partnerships will enhance the ecosystem and offer users even more seamless
experiences. Currently we are partners with VFD Microfinance bank, GIG Logistics.

What advice would you give to other fintech startups looking to disrupt traditional
payment systems and introduce innovative solutions?

Embrace a customer-centric approach and build trust through transparency. Listen to user
feedback, iterate quickly, and ensure that your solution addresses a real pain point in the

In conclusion, could you share your vision for the future impact of Paysequr on the way
transactions are conducted between shoppers and merchants?

Our vision for the future impact of Paysequr is to revolutionize the landscape of transactions
between shoppers and merchants. We envision a world where online transactions are
synonymous with trust, transparency, and convenience. Paysequr’s escrow service will become
the gold standard for secure and fair transactions, setting a new precedent for e-commerce
and digital payments. We foresee a significant reduction in disputes and instances of fraud,
creating a safer environment for both consumers and merchants. This, in turn, will boost consumer confidence in online shopping, leading to increased sales and business growth for merchants.

As Paysequr continues to evolve, we will introduce cutting-edge technologies and
features that enhance the user experience even further. Our platform will adapt to emerging
payment methods and integrate seamlessly with other fintech and e-commerce solutions,
making it an integral part of the digital economy. Ultimately, we aim to reshape the global
perception of online transactions, making Paysequr a household name synonymous with
secure, transparent, and trustworthy commerce. By doing so, we aspire to foster economic
growth, empower small and medium-sized businesses, and transform the way people shop
and conduct business worldwide. Our commitment to innovation, user satisfaction, and the
advancement of secure transactions will remain unwavering as we continue on this
transformative journey

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