There are growing concerns that non-Nigerians have gained control of the haulage industry in Nigeria, leaving local truckers in distress. The Council of Maritime Unions and Associations (COMTUA) sounded the alarm, highlighting that trucks belonging to foreign companies are dominating the sector, often painted in military colors and operated by military personnel.

In a statement by COMTUA’s president, Comrade Yinka Aroyewun, he expressed dismay over the unfair advantage given to foreign transport companies, emphasizing that this trend undermines the livelihoods of Nigerian truckers. He condemned the preferential treatment and called for urgent action to address the injustice faced by local operators.

Aroyewun pointed out various challenges plaguing the industry, including false claims of low booking fees, prolonged turnaround times, and extortion on port access roads. He stressed the need for fairness and equity in the sector to ensure its sustainability and the well-being of local businesses.

Amidst the loss of revenue, job cuts, and harassment faced by Nigerian truckers, Aroyewun reassured the commitment of the National Association of Maritime Transport Operators (NAMTOP) to support their members. Legal actions are underway to challenge fraudulent practices and seek justice against entities involved in exploiting truckers.

The proposed introduction of a “Harmonized Ticket” by the illegal Lagos State Transport and Cargo Committee (LASTCOC), in collaboration with other groups, is also condemned. A legal process has been initiated to challenge these initiatives and protect the interests of Nigerian truckers.

Furthermore, COMTUA calls on relevant authorities and regulatory bodies to intervene and ensure a level playing field for all stakeholders in the haulage industry. They advocate for transparent policies and effective enforcement mechanisms to curb the dominance of foreign entities and promote the growth of local businesses.

The situation calls for urgent attention and collaborative efforts to safeguard the rights and interests of local truckers in the face of increasing foreign dominance in the haulage business. COMTUA remains steadfast in its commitment to advocating for the welfare of Nigerian truckers and the sustainable development of the industry

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