Move Aims to Enhance Security and Regulation in the Nation’s Capital

In a strategic initiative to address security concerns in the nation’s capital, the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Administration, through its Transportation Secretariat, has officially issued licences to Nairaxi and Bolt to operate ride-hailing applications in the territory under the Public Transport Management Scheme.

The granted approval establishes Bolt and NAIRAXI as the exclusive licensed ride-hailing operators authorized to offer on-demand transport and logistics services through mobile applications in the FCT. The announcement was communicated in a statement released by the FCTA Transportation Secretariat through its Public Transport Management Scheme under the Directorate of Road Traffic Services (DRTS-FCT).

The statement outlines the Administration’s intention to initiate enforcement operations targeting non-compliant operators. It also emphasizes that other operators are expected to commence their licensing processes to avoid potential bans from operating in the FCT. The primary objective of this move is to combat insecurity challenges through verifiable data tracking and other significant benefits within the nation’s capital.

“The licensing of NAIRAXI and Bolt will enhance and regulate e-ride-hailing operations, promoting service excellence in the FCT,” the statement asserts. The FCTA is set to embark on immediate enforcement operations to crackdown on unlicensed operators in Abuja. Additionally, the Public Transport Management Scheme issues a warning of potential bans for operators lacking the FCTA Public Transport Management License.

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