Tee-Cycle by Eejiomah recently orchestrated a groundbreaking event at LEA Secondary School in Abuja, igniting a wave of enthusiasm and eco-consciousness among 17 young girls.

The event, which centered on the transformative potential of fashion sustainability, left participants filled with excitement and a profound sense of accomplishment as they departed adorned in #upcycled T-shirts.

In a concerted effort to foster environmental stewardship and raise awareness about fashion’s ecological footprint, Tee-Cycle by Eejiomah (brainchild of Ijeoma Okochi-Agwu) conducted an educational session with the students.

Through interactive discussions and enlightening videos, the young attendees were introduced to the concept of climate change and the adverse impacts of unsustainable textile practices such as burning bushes and filling landfills with textile waste.

“I believe in harnessing the intersection of fashion and art to cultivate a greener future,” remarked Ijeoma Okochi-Agwu.

“My collaboration with Give Girls A Chance underscores the pivotal role of education, particularly in shaping the environmental consciousness of our youth. By empowering these girls with the knowledge and skills to repurpose old garments into wearable art, I am sowing the seeds for a more sustainable tomorrow.”

The event also featured the invaluable contributions of teenage emerging artists Michelle and Demilade, who shared their expertise on integrating art into fashion and embracing sustainability in design.

Furthermore, Tee-Cycle by Eejiomah forged a partnership with Sisi Calabar, a distinguished brand of wearable art, to amplify their impact and give back to the community.

Experience the transformative journey of Tee-Cycle by Eejiomah and the budding changemakers of Abuja in the event video below:

Through initiatives like Tee-Cycle by Eejiomah, I am not only revolutionizing the fashion landscape but also nurturing a generation of eco-conscious individuals poised to drive positive change in their communities and beyond.

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