EnterpriseNGR, a member-driven professional advocacy group, has taken a significant step in expanding its reach across the African continent. A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) has been inked to establish the Africa Roundtable of Financial Centers in Mauritius, Morocco, and Rwanda. This initiative, a chapter of the World Alliance of International Financial Centers (WAIFC), aims to foster collaboration and spur sustainable development within the financial sectors of these nations and Africa at large.

The MoU, recently signed in Mauritius, brought together key stakeholders including EnterpriseNGR, the Economic Development Board of Mauritius, Casablanca Finance City Authority, and Rwanda Finance Limited. The collaborative effort seeks to promote investment opportunities, exchange best practices, and provide a unified voice for African financial centers both regionally and internationally.

According to a statement from EnterpriseNGR, the objectives of this partnership encompass strengthening the competitiveness of African financial centers, conducting joint initiatives to support knowledge sharing, enhancing visibility, and advocating for regulatory coordination to promote cross-border investments and financial services.

Chairing the Africa Roundtable, Mr. Ken Poonoosamy emphasized the significance of this collaboration in driving economic advancement across the continent. Meanwhile, the Chief Executive Officer of EnterpriseNGR, Ms. Obi Ibekwe, expressed enthusiasm for the partnership, highlighting its potential to bolster financial competitiveness and amplify Africa’s global presence.

EnterpriseNGR’s participation in this endeavor aligns with its commitment to advancing financial development and prosperity in Nigeria and beyond. With this strategic collaboration, the stage is set for unlocking the full potential of African financial centers to drive growth and prosperity across the continent.

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