In a recent interview with Precious Obeahon, the Co-Founder of Conscious Soul Records, we delved into the organization’s mission, inspiration, and the remarkable work they’re doing in the field of music and mental health awareness. Conscious Soul Records is not just a record label but a movement dedicated to breaking mental health stigmas, promoting self-awareness and hope, and building stronger families and communities.

A Journey of Transformation

The journey of Conscious Soul Records began when Precious Obeahon faced a personal crisis a few years ago. This experience underscored the importance of understanding early experiences and beliefs, leading her to dig deep into her own story. The name “Conscious Soul Records” was born out of this commitment to affirming our sentience and recognizing the impact of trauma on our consciousness.

Products and Services

Conscious Soul Records offers a range of products and services aimed at integrating mental health awareness into the community. They provide consulting services, collaborate with organizations for mental health-themed events, offer peer-to-peer support and resources, showcase music that addresses mental health, and provide mental health awareness merchandise.

A Pioneer in Mental Health Through Music

One of the unique aspects of Conscious Soul Records is their pioneering work in the field, with a 7-year needs assessment underway. They stand alone without direct competitors, leading the way in understanding the mental health gaps in our communities.

Partnerships for a Connected World

In their commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Conscious Soul Records has partnered with organizations such as Hope Behind Bars Africa, Artvocacy Movement, Accountability Lab, Witcon Clinic, Aesthetic Youths, and GivingTuesday Sparks Nigerian Chapter. Together, they aim to support SDG 3 (Good health and well-being), SDG 16 (Peace, justice, and strong institutions), and SDG 17 (Partnerships for the goals). Their recent endeavor to take music to the Suleja correctional facility reflects their dedication to these global objectives.

The Power of Music and Consciousness

The name “Conscious Soul Records” is not just a label; it signifies the organization’s goal of empowering individuals to find their true selves through the power of music.

Embracing Challenges as a Beautiful Ride

The journey itself is seen as the challenge by Conscious Soul Records, but they embrace it wholeheartedly, committed to making a positive impact.

Memorable Customer Success

One touching moment for Conscious Soul Records was when a friend shared how a song titled “Attachment Styles” by Nanya Jessica Ijeh ignited her journey of self-discovery. This served as validation of the organization’s mission’s impact.

Future Plans and Alignment with Business Name

The future for Conscious Soul Records involves continued research into the impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences on adults, sharing their findings through songs and training. The name “Conscious Soul Records” keeps them aligned with their commitment to curiosity, consciousness, and caution.

Connect with Conscious Soul Records

You can connect with Conscious Soul Records on social media by following @Conscioussoulrecords and find their healing music on all streaming platforms. As Precious Obeahon reminds us, “Mental health is brain health, and you have all it takes inside of you, and around you to lead yourself to a more purpose-filled life and on your path to healing and self-discovery.”

For more information, visit their Spotify link at

Precious Obeahon, Co-Founder of Conscious Soul Records, is at the forefront of a movement that aims to transform lives through music and mental health awareness, break stigmas, promote self-awareness and hope, and build stronger communities. With their pioneering work and unique approach, Conscious Soul Records is making a significant impact in the realm of mental health and music.

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