Renowned artist and triple-time Grammy nominee, David Adeleke, popularly known as Davido, graced the grand opening of The Delborough in Lagos, Nigeria, alongside other global industry and political leaders. The award-winning artist expressed his admiration for the luxury facility, hailing it as the premier hotel in Lagos and across Nigeria.

During an interview at @thedelborough Lagos, Davido compared The Delborough to world-renowned hotels in Paris, Dubai, the United States, and beyond, expressing pride in having such a remarkable establishment in Nigeria. He stated, “First of all, I am proud to have a place like this in Nigeria. When we travel around the world, obviously we are exporting culture. Everywhere I go, I like to infuse our culture.”

Davido highlighted customer service as the hotel’s major strength, emphasizing its phenomenal nature. In assessing the hotel’s global standard, the singer remarked that @thedelborough stands at A1 quality worldwide. He expressed his intention to recommend the hotel to his friends, stating, “I would be proud to say that in Nigeria, we are doing big things and have the best – any car, any boat, any house that is in America, we have it in Nigeria.”

As a host to his artiste friends visiting Lagos, Davido revealed that The Delborough would be a must-visit destination, likening it to prestigious establishments like W Hotel in New York and Peninsula in Paris. He praised the hotel for its top-notch customer service, cleanliness, and impressive amenities.

Davido also commended The Delborough for being family-friendly, emphasizing that it caters not only to individuals but also provides a welcoming environment for families. In his concluding remarks, he affirmed, “The Delborough is the best hotel in Lagos.”

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