In response to the recent fire incident at its refinery, the Dangote Group has issued an official statement assuring the public that the situation has been effectively managed.

A press release from Dangote Refinery characterized the fire as minor in nature and confirmed that it has been successfully contained.

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The statement emphasized that the incident occurred at the effluent treatment plant (ETP) and was promptly addressed by the refinery’s emergency response team.

“We are pleased to announce that we have swiftly contained a minor fire incident at our effluent treatment plant (ETP) today, on Wednesday, June 26th.”

Furthermore, the statement reassured stakeholders that there is no cause for alarm as the refinery continues to operate without disruption. It also highlighted that no injuries or harm were reported among the dedicated staff on duty during the incident.

Earlier reports had indicated that explosions were heard following a fire outbreak at the Dangote Refinery situated in the Ibeju-Lekki area of Lagos State. However, the Dangote Group’s quick and efficient response has ensured that the situation was swiftly brought under control, underscoring the company’s commitment to safety and operational excellence.

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