China Harbour Engineering Company (CHEC) Nigeria Limited has announced the successful completion of two major road projects in Nigeria: the expansion of the 5.4km Abuja-Keffi expressway and the dualization of the 220km Keffi-Akwanga-Lafia-Makurdi road.

According to CHEC, the completed roads are now under a concessionary maintenance phase expected to last 25 years.

During a media briefing held during a tour of the project site, Wang Jujin, the project manager of CHEC, emphasized the significant investment made by Chinese funds in infrastructure projects across Africa, including roads, bridges, and railways. These developments have not only improved connectivity but have also stimulated local economies and businesses, aligning with China’s vision of fostering a community with a shared future for humanity.

Jujin highlighted the transformative impact of the completed road projects, providing a vital lifeline to road users and residents along the corridor. The $532 billion project, funded primarily through a facility from the Exim Bank of China with a 15% counterpart funding from the Nigerian government, has substantially reduced travel time and improved security for commuters. Previously, the journey between Abuja and Makurdi took seven and a half hours, whereas now it takes only about four and a half hours.

The project involved extensive reconstruction, repair of existing infrastructure, improvement of drainage facilities, restoration of lighting, and enhancement of traffic safety measures. Jujin emphasized CHEC’s commitment to safety and comfort for road users, particularly in addressing accident-prone areas like Angwan Wire.

The completion of these projects underscores the positive development of the economic and trade relationship between China and Nigeria. Jujin expressed CHEC’s gratitude to the Nigerian government for entrusting them with these projects and reiterated their dedication to contributing to the bilateral economic cooperation between the two nations.

In the past decade, China and African countries have strengthened economic and political ties, exemplified by collaborative efforts such as the Belt and Road Initiative. This partnership aims to build closer relations and foster mutual development, reflecting the shared vision of building a China-Africa community for the future.

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