Chivita|Hollandia (CHI Limited) recently honored its longstanding distributors during the 2024 Distributor Conference. Themed “Break Boundaries Exceed Expectations,” the event served as a platform to acknowledge and reward the outstanding contributions of distributors and wholesalers, pivotal to CHI Limited’s success and business objectives for the year.

Eelco Weber, Managing Director of Chivita|Hollandia (CHI Limited), emphasized the indispensable role of trade partners in the company’s success story. “Today, we celebrate not only the achievements but the collaborative spirit that has made our growth possible,” he stated.

Bola Arotiowa, Chief Commercial Officer of Chivita|Hollandia (CHI Limited), highlighted the significance of the inaugural event, affirming its continuation as an annual meeting. The conference aims to foster closer collaboration with distributors, sharing insights, and action points to align with the company’s annual goals and objectives, fostering mutual success.

“Our distributors are the backbone of Chivita|Hollandia (CHI Limited). Their relentless efforts in distributing our products, promoting our brands, and expanding our reach across the nation are truly commendable,” Arotiowa added, emphasizing the importance of rewarding their dedication.

Hajiya Bilikisu Saida, CEO of Smabirm Nigeria Limited, recipient of the Outstanding Distributor of the Year award for the North 1 region, expressed gratitude for the company’s recognition. She noted that the awards serve as an inspiration for distributors to further excel, benefiting both distributors and the company.

Outstanding distributors recognized at the conference, including Sunny Chuks Limited, MRS FA & Sons Limited, Hussakas Ventures, Rookee 1388 Ventures, Pik N Pil Ventures, FaithJoe Event Management Limited, and Progress Family Nigeria Enterprise, were rewarded with two million Naira worth of Chivita|Hollandia (CHI Limited) products each, underscoring the company’s commitment to fostering mutually beneficial partnerships.

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