Small business consultant Nnamdi Ibe, also known as “The Surgeon,” is offering a Valentine’s Day special for business owners looking to structure their operations and improve their business success. For just NGN 3,500, instead of the regular NGN 5,000, interested parties can purchase Ibe’s book “Organized: How to Structure Your Small Business” and receive access to a five-day master class on building a legacy business worth NGN 60,000, a copy of the e-book “Bits and Pieces” worth NGN 4,000, and a list of helpful tools and software for small businesses.

In the book, Ibe provides a step-by-step guide on how to organize and structure a small business for optimal efficiency. Topics covered include setting up a foundation for the business, hiring staff, managing costs and pricing, and organizing marketing and sales efforts.

To take advantage of the Valentine’s Day special, customers can transfer NGN 3,500 to either Kuda Micro Finance Bank (2015583505) or GTB (0039316580) under the name Ibe Nnamdi and send proof of payment via WhatsApp (08158493030) or by clicking the link

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