The exchange surged into the Top 3 derivatives exchange list with a 2.6x market share increase

Victoria, Seychelles, Jan 19, 2023 –  Leading crypto derivatives exchange Bitget has become one of the world’s top 3 crypto exchanges in the derivatives sector paired with enormous achievements, such as a 2.6x market share increase and 8 million registered users in 100+ countries globally, despite the poor market sentiment after FTX’s bankruptcy in 2022.

2022 was one of the roughest years in the crypto industry, which saw the collapse of Terra LUNA, Celsius, and FTX, consequently wiping out over US$2 trillion from the crypto market. Despite the hardships in the market, Bitget grew in all aspects;  the company made great strides in building our team, brand, and business over the last 12 months during the crypto winter.

Some key development areas of the company included: 

1. Climbing the chart ranked as the Top 3 exchange according to the Boston Consulting Group report, in terms of the crypto derivative trading volume.

2. According to the latest TokenInsight report, Bitget’s market share in the derivative market increased from 3% to 11% after the collapse of FTX

3. Over 300% increase in total transaction volume, with the popularity of copy trading products

4. The workforce grew from barely 200 people at the beginning of 2022 to over 1100 employees in Jan 2023 

5. Became the exclusive crypto exchange partner with Lionel Messi 

Bitget saw an over 300% increase in total transaction volume, with the popularity of copy trading and crypto futures products.  The platform’s flagship offering, One-Click Copy Trade, as of Dec 2022, has attracted over 80,000 traders and over 338,000 followers with more than 42 million profitable trades, leading the industry in the copy trading market. 

According to the latest data shared by the TokenInsight report, Bitget’s market share increased dramatically from 3% to 11% after the collapse of the former second-largest exchange, FTX, which marked the single largest market share growth in the crypto derivatives sector. At the end of 2022, the top 10 exchanges’ total daily open interest had dropped by 27.1% from January and 41% from its peak in April of the same year. Among the exchanges, only Bitget achieved a significant increase in open interest, from $841 million to $3.74 billion, representing a 344% total increase. 

These figures of growth are attributed to our endeavors on not only service improvement, but also the global expansion and adoption of top-notch security and protection measures.  Previously, the company focused on serving customers from a few Asian countries alone. However, by the end of 2022, the exchange had acquired over 8 million users in more than 100 countries, with footprints in Turkey, Southeast Asia, Latin America, and Europe. Bitget is safeguarding users’ funds on the platform with a series of security policies, including a $300 million Protection Fund, a Fund Custody service, pledged to be fully reserved back by the Merkle Tree Proof of Reserves model.  

Gracy Chen, Managing Director of Bitget remarks “2022 marked one of the most important years in the history of Bitget. Our achievements for the year are nothing short of remarkable, making us a dark horse in the face of those black swan events. Although a few negative incidents happened in the industry, Bitget remained steady in our growth and took this as an opportunity to further strengthen our capability. Working with Leo Messi also reminded all of us that winning and building an everlasting business requires passion, perseverance, and teamwork. The significant growth we have achieved is a testament to all of the hard work and immense efforts our team has dedicated to the company.”

“As macro liquidity continues to affect the crypto market, the interest rate spike is expected to slow down in 2023 gradually. The impact of the Fed on macro liquidity will also continue to affect investors’ expectations for the crypto market. In addition,  the TVL(Total Value Locked) amount in DeFi is expected to increase slowly in 2023. Regardless of the decline in the value of popular blockchain tokens, the number of active users and new wallet addresses on chains like Polygon, Ethereum, and BSC has remained on the rise.”

“We believe 2023 will be a year full of opportunities and challenges, and our goal will remain focused on providing the best social trading and derivatives trading experience for our users. We will also continue to expand our spot markets and improve our overall capabilities to optimize the trading experience on Bitget. As the industry continues to consolidate and deleverage, and the macroeconomic conditions improve, we will emerge from this crypto winter, thrive in the year ahead, burgeon into a leading player, and propel the industry forward.”

About Bitget

Bitget, established in 2018, is the world’s leading crypto derivatives exchange with a core focus on copy trading, currently serving over 8 million users in more than 100 countries worldwide. The exchange is committed to providing secure, professional, and one-stop trading solutions to users and aims to increase crypto adoption through collaborations with credible partners. Bitget is the exclusive crypto exchange partner with legendary Argentinian footballer Lionel Messi, and the official eSports events organizer PGL, as well as the first sleeve partner of Italian leading football team Juventus.

To safeguard users’ funds on the platform, Bitget adopts top-notch security and protection measures including a $300 million Protection Fund, a Fund Custody service, pledged to be fully reserved back by the Merkle Tree Proof of Reserves model.

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