Bankable Wisdom, a leading pan-African online learning platform, is celebrating a significant milestone: reaching 75,000 users across 30 African countries. This remarkable achievement comes just three years after its launch, marking a pivotal moment in the company’s mission to democratize access to quality tech education across the continent.

How They Started:

Bankable Wisdom’s journey started, not in a Silicon Valley garage, but in the heart of Africa, driven by a young entrepreneur named Precious Azuonwu. Recognizing the immense educational challenges faced by many Africans, particularly limited access to quality tech education, Precious Azuonwu felt a powerful calling to action. Many struggled to find meaningful employment due to a lack of relevant tech skills. African economies were thriving, but the workforce wasn’t keeping pace with the ever-evolving tech landscape. In 2020, amidst the challenges of the pandemic,

Precious Azuonwu witnessed the struggle of friends and family in Africa who lacked access to quality tech education, hindering their career opportunities. Fuelled by a belief in education’s transformative power, Azuonwu started small, organizing free training sessions and developing the “7 Days of Bankable Wisdom” program offering affordable tech skills. The enthusiastic response fueled their vision, leading to the official launch of Bankable Wisdom in November 2020. It wasn’t just a platform; it was a movement driven by the mission to democratize tech education and empower African youth.

By building an engaging online format, offering a diverse curriculum, and establishing partnerships with leading companies, Bankable Wisdom quickly gained traction, transforming from a passionate project to a pan-African force, impacting 75,000 learners across 30 countries and counting. Their journey, rooted in a desire to bridge the educational gap, continues to empower individuals and shape the future of Africa’s tech landscape.

Bankable Wisdom recognizes the key that tech education holds for unlocking Africa’s potential. However, limited access to quality learning often stands in the way. This is where they step in, offering a solution not just affordable, but engaging and convenient too. Their diverse curriculum, ranging from coding to data analysis, equips learners with in-demand skills across various tech sectors. And the cherry on top? Flexibility! Individuals can choose self-paced or instructor-led learning, perfectly fitting their busy schedules.

But Bankable Wisdom goes beyond just teaching. They understand the importance of connecting talent with opportunity. Partnering with leading companies, they ensure graduates have direct access to jobs and internships. They also offer career support, guiding learners through resume writing and interview preparation to confidently enter the job market. Building strong industry networks through collaborations and events further opens doors for career advancement, fostering valuable connections between learners, employers, and professionals.

In essence, Bankable Wisdom doesn’t just teach tech skills, they bridge the gap between learning and opportunity, empowering individuals and fueling Africa’s progress.

What’s our next milestones for Bankable Wisdom:

The team at Bankable Wisdom is not resting on its laurels. With ambitious plans for the future, the company aims to reach 1 million users across Africa by 2025. Additionally, they are committed to expanding their course offerings, partnering with leading educational institutions, and advocating for increased collaboration within the African education sector.

What we want other people to join us in the process of helping:

Bankable Wisdom believes that true educational transformation can only be achieved through collective action. They invite individuals, organizations, and institutions across Africa to join them in their mission. This can be done through:

Enrolling in courses and sharing your positive experiences.
Donating to support scholarships and platform expansion.
Partnering with Bankable Wisdom to develop and deliver new courses.
Advocating for improved access to quality education across Africa.
By working together, Bankable Wisdom believes that we can unlock the full potential of Africa’s youth and build a brighter future for the continent.

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