The African Union (AU) has called on Nigeria and other nations to partner with donors for sustainable financing of the Home Grown School Feeding Programme (HGSF). Kefilwe Moalosi, Project Manager for Nutrition and Food Safety at AUDA-NEPAD, emphasized this during a strategic meeting on school feeding.

Highlighting data from 51 countries, Moalosi noted the significant rise in school feeding participation since 2013. She praised Nigeria for transitioning its program to state government ownership and urged other African leaders to follow suit.

Moalosi stressed the importance of school feeding in combating malnutrition, improving education, and boosting local agriculture. She encouraged partnerships among government agencies, food suppliers, and community organizations to enhance the program’s sustainability and impact.

Moalosi also called for best practices in implementation, focusing on local agricultural value chains and community engagement. She highlighted the need for technical assistance to improve the quality and scale of HGSF programs, aiming for a multi-sectoral approach that benefits all stakeholders.

In closing, Moalosi reiterated the AU’s commitment to the well-being of African children and the broader community, advocating for collaboration to achieve zero hunger and sustainable development across the continent.

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