In a display of luxury and indulgence, cognac and brandy have been taking Africa by storm, carving out a significant place in the hearts of consumers on the continent.

These time-honored spirits, blending traditional craftsmanship with contemporary innovations, have long been favorites among Africans, reflecting the spirit of Africa’s evolving tastes in the world of spirits.

Sagaci Research, in its recently unveiled report for September 2023, offers an in-depth exploration of the African cognac and brandy market.

Despite Africa’s reputation for diverse beverage preferences, the report discloses that brandy and cognac consumption still lags behind other spirit categories, such as gin (11%), vodka (13%), and whisky (16%), with just 4% of the population indulging in these exquisite elixirs.

Nonetheless, the allure of cognac and brandy in Africa is on the rise, positioning the continent as a shining star among the most promising emerging markets worldwide. As the African spirits industry continues to flourish, it’s essential to delve into the top 10 cognac and brandy brands that have captured the hearts of African consumers.

Here are the Top 10 Cognac and Brandy Brands from the Sagaci Research Report:

  1. Hennessy (Cognac)
  2. Napoleon Brandy (Brandy)
  3. Remy Martin (Cognac)
  4. Viceroy (Brandy)
  5. 501 (Brandy)
  6. Martell (Cognac)
  7. Courvoisier (Cognac)
  8. Kliporift (Brandy)
  9. KWV (Brandy)
  10. Richot (Brandy)

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