A call has been made by technology experts for African leaders to adopt technological innovations and encourage indigenous ideas, start-ups, and talents to create solutions and products that address Africa’s challenges. The experts made this call at the “Creating the Spark for Innovation” program organized by Spark Africa, which brought together over 30 speakers and panelists, 3000 tech enthusiasts, founders, Venture Capitalists, angel investors, big tech giants, innovative hubs, and over 50 exhibiting companies from 15 African countries.

One of the panelists, Rodney Jackson-Cole, who is the Co-Founder of Bani Africa, a Tech Solution for Integrated Payments in Africa, and Ex-CTO and Co-Founder of Prospa, spoke about the challenges that African start-ups face, particularly with regard to funding. He emphasized the need for start-ups to understand the problem they are trying to solve and generate revenue, especially during times of funding difficulties.

According to Mr. Jackson-Cole, a serious start-up does not require millions of dollars to start a business in Nigeria but just enough funding to get off the ground. He advised start-ups not to seek funding unless it is necessary to address a significant problem that they fully understand.

During the event, Mr. Jackson-Cole shared his personal experiences with starting his companies, Bani Africa and Prospa. He stressed the importance of building a strong network of experts in the Nigerian start-up ecosystem to ease the stress of raising funds and other resources, given the lack of government support.

He also discussed the role of partnerships and collaborations in building a successful business. He explained that he relied on building his brand on social media before working with other start-ups and that Bani currently has partnerships with about six Nigerian banks, which were achieved through collaborations with other start-ups.

Mr. Jackson-Cole emphasized the importance of having talented team members to save money and support good marketing. He also highlighted the importance of networking, turning ideas into tangible results, and having a product that works.

The Africa Technology Expo was organized by Spark Africa in partnership with several organizations, including UNDP, the US consulate, NITDA, TMCON, TECNO MOBILE, KUDIBAR, and ENUGU STATE GOV. The event was divided into two days, with the first day focused on Blockchain Day, which featured blockchain product exhibitions, panels, and a themed party. The second day was Startup & Talent Day, featuring exhibitions, talent masterclasses, panels, games, entertainment, pitches, and a dinner.

The second-panel session, titled “Promoting Blockchain & blockchain-related services in Africa,” featured experts who provided insights and practical advice for blockchain enthusiasts looking to learn about the growth and intricacies of blockchain activities in Africa. The third-panel discussion explored “Scaling Africa: The Future of Youth Entrepreneurship,” with thought leaders and innovators in the tech industry providing insights into breakthroughs in the ecosystem.

Source: Premium Times

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