Ado Sanusi, the Managing Director and CEO of Aero Contractors, has shed light on the challenges faced by the airline in recent years. In an exclusive interview with This Day, he detailed his pivotal role in revitalizing the company after its closure in 2017 due to underperformance and other operational challenges.

Upon assuming office in February 2017, Sanusi and his team orchestrated a remarkable turnaround, transforming the airline into a viable entity within three years. Despite facing adversity, including the suspension of operations in 2017 leading to the termination of 900 jobs, Sanusi’s leadership propelled the company from having no aircraft to operating almost five.

Under Sanusi’s direction, Aero Contractors accomplished significant milestones, including performing the first heavy check on an airplane (C-check) and establishing the MRO (Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul) business. Unfortunately, after Sanusi’s departure for another assignment, the company faced setbacks once again.

Reappointed in October 2022, Sanusi found the company in a worse state than when he initially took charge in 2017. The airline was shut down, salaries were overdue, and employee morale was low. Despite these challenges, Sanusi and his team took decisive actions to rebuild the airline, starting from scratch with no aircraft and gradually expanding to operate four airplanes.

Sanusi highlighted the successful payment of salaries on time, the expansion of MRO capabilities, and the addition of more aircraft to the fleet. He emphasized the stabilization of the company under his leadership, expressing optimism about its recovery trajectory and the imminent introduction of a fifth airplane in the coming months.

Acknowledging the challenging business environment in Nigeria, Sanusi emphasized the impact of economic conditions on Aero Contractors. Nevertheless, he affirmed the airline’s resilience, attributing its reputation for discipline and professionalism in the aviation industry to its sustained survival.

Reflecting on the domestic market, Sanusi acknowledged Aero Contractors’ historical position as a market leader. Despite losing significant market share during a period of underperformance, he asserted that his leadership had restored the brand’s strength and reputation. Sanusi acknowledged the need for sustained investment to ensure the company’s continued success, emphasizing the importance of financial support for long-term stability.

In conclusion, Sanusi expressed confidence in Aero Contractors’ current trajectory, acknowledging the difficulties faced but reaffirming the airline’s commitment to survival and growth in the challenging aviation landscape.

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